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Nurture The Prospect, Close The Deal, and Keep The Process Going

Now that the prospect has shown enough interest to provide their email address, nurture the prospect with content that educates them about your product or service. You’ll want to stay in touch with them regularly (once or twice a week) but not so frequently that they get bored or turned off by all the content. Make sure the content addresses their key needs and overcomes any potential objections.

Make your best offer – one that is difficult for the prospect to ignore or turn down – to close the deal. For example, you could provide a product demonstration, a free trial, or a special discount code. At this point in the sales funnel, the prospect has either become a customer or decided not to make the purchase. In either case, you should continue the communication and relationship-building process.

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If the prospect becomes a customer, continue to build the relationship by educating them about your products or services, engaging them regularly to build loyalty, and offering them great service to retain them as valued customers. If the prospect does not make a purchase, stay in touch with them through regular emails. Continue to work on converting them into customers by using different email nurturing series.
The four stages of the sales funnel are awareness, interest, decision, and action. Use these stages to optimize your sales funnel and compel leads to become customers.

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